How it Began!

This story begins (as these stories often do) with lots and lots of sexy passionate… Oh, this isn’t my journal? Where was I. Downshift Interactive was born from a simple need. To sell more apps.

After working concurrently on several iOS applications and not much else for 3 years we decided to try our hand at making an animated video for one of our apps. Much easier said than done. About a month later we released it. Was it a great success? Of course. Not.

We worked on a few videos on the side while focusing on development. Eventually some clients asked us to make a few videos for them and we found the demand for these videos matched that of our development services. Opportunity knocked, we ran to the door (much like when that sweet Chinese Takeout arrives) and answered.


We decided early on that we wanted to target small businesses and/or individuals. Work with those who would be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor the most. Videos for hundreds, not thousands, in days, not weeks was born.


Twenty Twelve!


In the middle of all this chaos we moved to a more convenient location Santa Monica, woot. Recently relocated and inspired, we decided to take it up notch. So we stuck to our instincts and focused on helping others reach their goals. That’s when we decided to become your one stop shop for app marketing.


Downshift and YOU!

From making sure your design/brand is consistent, to writing your content, to assisting in creating the actual product Downshift Interactive is here to help.


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