Our cost effective video packages give you the ability to customize background and text colors, fonts and captions to match your app’s theme. But maybe you need a voice over added or an animation of your logo. Here is a quick list of add-ons that Downshift can add to your project.


  • Animated Logo Intro or Outro: Our design team will create an awesome animation of your logo to help entertain and keep viewer’s attention

  • Extra Screenshots: If your app has many key features and your favorite template doesn’t have enough default screens, add a couple!
    $50.00 Each

  • Script Written by Downshift: Downshift Interactive’s creative team will write up captivating titles and captions to give your key features the proper exposure.

  • Device Model Swap:Fell in love with one of our iPad videos but want to swap to an Android device? No problem! Our animators will swap the model and make sure the integrity of animation stays 110%.

  • Voice Over Integration:Voice Overs are a key element to some of the best videos. With the increasing availability of affordable talents nearly all clients are seeking to incorporate a voice track to their project. Downshift’s production team can guarantee a perfect sync of any voice over (provided by the client) to a video and script. Not sure where to look for talent? Send us an email and we can direct you to some of the best sites.


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