Not that kind of exposure. Keep it in your pants. We mean app sales. Clients. Customers. Once you make that great product you have to get it into the hands of the people. Four hundred thousand and 7 app submissions ago it was fine to just create an app, submit it to apple, sip on your martini and hope for the best. Sadly, this is a new world. A world born of proven profits and with market leaders sporting real sales teams with laminated marketing plans. How does the little guy compete? Well, you can certainly hope that your application is so good that well-connected people will talk about it at the top of their lungs and the masses will follow. Or you can stop dreaming and start living.


The fact of the matter is that we can no longer sit idly and hope for good things to happen to us. Good people are acted upon, great people take action.

What We Do


So, what does Downshift Interactive do? Simple. Downshift Interactive is here to be your first sales/marketing advisor. We will make sure you get the ball rolling and to keep it that way. How much does it cost for us to help? Zip. You tell us about your application, your team (teams of one totally count), and what you’re trying to get done and we’ll get started. Toll free, no credit checks, no wiring us money. We will review your current efforts and give you a short report with some of the most important actions you can take to make a big different. If you like what we tell you, you can let us be your marketing team. Or you can implement our tips yourself, it’s up to you.


We’ve developed and sold millions of applications on our own and have been helping clients develop/market their own dreams for the past few years. Consulting one client at a time however limits the amount of people we can help and we know there are lot of developers out there we would love to assist and work with.


How does one sell a bajillion apps and retire on your private island? Nobody knows. What we do know is how to assess your current app marketing strategies (or lack thereof) and make them rock.

How We Do It


The basics are simple and while there is obviously far too much to marketing anything to cover in one page we will go over some of what we focus on.


  • 1. Web Presence – Do you have a website?
  • 2. Social Media Marketing – Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Own it.
  • 3. Video Marketing– Explainer Video, and SEO heavy videos.
  • 4. App Store Optimization – Proper Graphics for App Store, Keywords, App Title.
  • 5. Outreach– App Reviews and Press Releases.


These are the first few things we look at during an introductory consultation. You might be so on top of your game that you don’t really need us, and that’s wonderful. We’re not here for you though (I’m looking at you Facebook). We’re here for those who could really benefit from our expertise.


Feel free to ask for a Free Consultation on the left side and let’s get started. What do you have to lose? Your great marketing ideas are validated or you learn something new and implement it on your own. Either way, everybody wins.


Best of luck out there appreneurs!


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